We are launching a new site to help people organize volunteer projects for their community.

We will be providing step-by-step tutorials, with actual examples of various projects you, your family and friends can do.

Our site is very new. We launched Oct. 7, 2019. We will be adding many new articles soon.


This site was inspired by my experience from the invitation of a family friend.

Many people stray away from the thought of helping their communities because they simply do not know what to do or they back away from the typical idea that long hours of volunteer work must be put in to create any effect. However, helping your community does not always require long tasks such as these and it does not need to be “boring” either.

The friend invited a party of us and turned what could be perceived as a tedious task, creating care packages, into a fun and involving mission.

Each of us paired up and was given a stipend to search the stores for foods and goods. We returned to their home and everyone laid their non perishable items on the table.We got to grouping and packing, and set out again to find people in need.

The reactions of the homeless people was nothing short of emotional. We truly take our blessings for granted, and experiences such as these are eye opening. It really makes an impact on peoples’ lives when you take a little time out of your day to let your actions speak that you care for them.

Please consider creating care packages and cultivate your love for the community.


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